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Advance Praise for Love, Sometimes
“This is the funniest and most honest book I have read about inside Hollywood, ageism, and love. If you want a good laugh and an education pick this book up!”
                                                           —Mo’Nique, actor


“Love, Sometimes is a scream about ageism in the Hollywood Industry and a poignant love story about an unconventional love!”
                                                           —Marissa Winokur, actor, singer


“At last a writer is writing the truth about ageism, Hollywood, creativity, and true love and sexuality! Love it! Couldn’t put it down!”

                                                           —Paula Abdul, dancer, choreographer, actor

“Barbara Rose Brooker is a hoot! This book is funny, and deeply serious and interesting. Love the book!”

                                                           —Kathie Lee Gifford, TV host, singer, author, actor


“Barbara Rose Brooker, author of The Viagra Diaries, does it again! Her latest book, Love, Sometimes, delivers the honest truth about ageism in the Hollywood networks and her struggles trying to figure where she fits in until she falls in love with a fifty-one-year-old! Barbara’s brutally accurate, often funny observations about still trying to matter after sixty is spot on, thought provoking and honest! A great read!”
                                                            —Cristina Ferrare, author, TV host

“This book breaks all boundaries, speaks the truth about ageism in the networks, love and sex with a younger, bi-racial gay man. It’s funny, and true and smart!”

                                                            —Miss J, TV host


 “...Anny’s restless and sweetly funny search for true love, meaningful work, and a happy family is ageless—and a poignant portrait of a generation that’s not yet ready to fade away." 

                                                                                       -Publishers Weekly

“A smart, witty, sometimes hilarious coming -of-age novel for and about the boomer generation. This realistic and funny novel will appeal to women of all ages, while men should find it attractively controversial.”                                                                   
                                                                                        -Kirkus Review
“While most contemporary women’s fiction focuses on the plight of the twenty-something, Brooker’s novel is a refreshing glimpse at love after 60... nontraditional-dating story, The Viagra Diaries is frank, open, honest, and fun.”                                                  
                                                                                         -Booklist Review


People are talking

​“I love this book! Barbara paints a funny as well as poignant picture of dating, romantic love, parenting an adult daughter, and sex after sixty. Barbara tells the truth and this book vibrates with razor sharp wit!”                                                                                                                                                                  -Joan Rivers
"This is a touching, real and funny view of what my next 20 years are going to resemble. Awesome insight, great wisdom and food for thought. . .what is love after 60? So much of this reminded me of my own mother and her 30 year adventure in men, relationships and sex. Enjoyable reading."
                                                                                                                                     -Reader Bunny on​
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