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Barbara Rose Brooker, MA, is an age activist, teacher, painter, poet, and author.  She has published 13 books and won a National Library Award for her poetry, and has appeared often on "The Today Show," "The Talk," "ET." Andy Cohen's, "Watch What Happens Live." 
Also a columnist, she has published Boomer in the City for the JWeekly and the Huffington Post.
Currently she teaches writing at San Francisco State/OLLI, and holds private writing workshops for clients and students over 50.
She is the founder of, the first march in history to celebrate age pride!
She believes, anyone at any age can write and publish a book.
She lives in San Francisco, has two daughters, and loves dogs. She is at work on a book of short stories about aging with glamour and never giving up on dreams.
She also volunteers and teaches writing at San Francisco SHANTI, an organization helping women with stage 4 cancer.
"Stay on your path of dreams and you will be young FOREVER"
                                                                      ~ Barbara Rose Brooker
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